Weddings in Santa Fe

Whether you are planning a traditional, intimate or outdoor wedding, we have curated the best properties and locations for your dream ceremony. Our preferred vendors and crafted experiences take the guesswork & legwork out of your destination wedding so you can focus on memory making. Our properties feature courtyards, ranch settings, guest rooms, and casitas. If you desire a cozy intimate environment, our honeymoon dwellings are just right. Below are our curated picks for your ideal home before home.

Spiritual Journey

Nestled at the tip of the southern Rocky Mountains, The second oldest city in America has hosted spiritual journeys for world travelers and local residents alike. Our homes provide ultimate comfort and a safe haven for relaxation as you venture outward and ultimately, inward. With vistas melting into the horizon, rustic adobe structures, chapels, and Spanish pueblos, Casas de Santa Fe provides the glorious setting as well as expert guidance to plan your trip and daily explorations. All you need to bring is a suitcase and an open heart.

Modern Artist

A change of setting inspires fresh ideas and there is no place as magical as Santa Fe. Our local artist community is a testament to the creative energy flowing through our city. With historical and cultural richness, Santa Fe is its own universe of artistic possibility. Whether your chosen medium is oil paint, food, photography, film, or music, you can find a Casas de Santa Fe home to set the mood for your artistic journey. Below are a selection of properties that have hosted artists and creators, as well as links to local museums, galleries, and other inspirational locale.

Adventures in Santa Fe

Skiing, mountain climbing, water rafting and horseback riding are all a short drive away. Hiking trails are around the corner. Depending on the season and your chosen adventures, we will help you select the most convenient home for your stay. In addition, as your personal concierge, we will work with our local partners to plan your activities.

Santa Fe Vacation Rentals

Our wide selection of Santa Fe vacation rentals are conveniently located, beautifully furnished, and include many amenities to help make your stay enjoyable!