Santa Fe Trail Guide

Spring, summer, fall, and even winter in Santa Fe can be a great time for a hike to explore the outdoors and exercise your body as well as your mind. Hiking areas in Santa Fe are plentiful and diverse, offering trails for hikers of all levels that are near our vacation rentals. These are 10 trails near Santa Fe that you’re sure to enjoy, whether you’re hiking solo or with friends.

Santa Fe Trail Guide

Atalaya Mountain Trail (Moderate)

Atalaya Mountain is a moderate 6-mile trail that features a great forest setting and heavy foot traffic. Visitors can access this trail year-round for hiking, walking, and running. Dogs are welcome to tag along but must be kept on a leash.

Borrego-Bear Wallow-Winsor Triangle Trail (Moderate)

A 4 mile loop, Borrego-Bear Wallow-Winsor Triangle Trail is a moderate hiking experience with beautiful landscapes filled with flowers and a number of activity options. It’s best used from May until November, and hikers are encouraged to bring their dogs to join as long as they are kept on a leash.

Chamisa Trail (Moderate)

If you’re searching for your next Instagram photo, Chamisa Trail is the hike for you. This moderate 4.5-mile trail is filled with beautiful wildflowers that are sure to provide the perfect backdrop (no filter required). Experts say Chamisa is best used from April until October, and leashed dogs are also able to join in on the fun (and photos).

Dale Ball Trails North (Easy)

Looking for a hike for everyone to enjoy? Dale Ball Trails North features incredible scenic views and a number of different activities. This 3.9-mile trail is great for all skills levels — even your four-legged companions, who must be kept on leash.

Lower Rio en Medio Trail (Easy)

Although 7.8 miles, Lower Rio en Medio is a light trail and a great opportunity for hikers of all levels to enjoy the beauty of Santa Fe and its surrounding areas. This trail is truly majestic, featuring a gorgeous waterfall and offering hiking, trail running, horses, and mountain biking. Your pooch is welcome to enjoy the views as well.

Nambe Lake Trail (Hard)

For those looking for a challenge, look no further than the Nambe Lake Trail. This 6.4-mile trail offers lake views and a number of activity options for visiting hikers. If you’re thinking about giving this trail a try, it’s recommended that you plan between May and October. Dogs are also welcome to try this one with their human friends.

Picacho Peak Trail (Moderate)

From March to October, Santa Fe visitors are encouraged to hike to Picacho Peak. The 2.8-mile trail is categorized as moderate and features lovely views complete with colorful plants and flora. The trail offers a number of activity options for you and your friends (human or furry).

Stewart Lake Trail (Moderate)

For a bit more of a strenuous hike, Stewart Lake Trail should be your go-to. This 11.2-mile trail is out and back, meaning it’s a one-way trail on which hikers travel to the end-point, turn around, and travel back to the trailhead. With sweeping lake views, this trail is perfect for a hike in the summer or fall (June through October is the recommended timeframe). Leashed dogs are also able to join in on the views.

Tsankawi Ruins Trail (Easy)

Another easy yet beautiful trail is located in the Tsankawi Ruins. While only 1.7 miles, this trail is great for those wanting a bit more of a secluded experience as it doesn’t get much traffic. The Tsankawi ruins are lined with gorgeous wildflowers, making it perfect for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird-watching. This trail is great for all skill-levels and is accessible year-round.

Winsor Trail (Moderate)

Winsor Trail is a 9.3 point-to-point trail — meaning it’s designed for hikers to begin at one place and end in another and is usually too long to return to the starting point (plan accordingly!). This moderate-level hike is accessible all year-round, featuring a picturesque river and plenty of activities. Dogs are welcome!

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