Plan A Couple’s Getaway to Santa Fe

Is Santa Fe a Romantic Getaway?

Imagine strolling hand in hand through earth-toned alleyways adorned with adobe as you head to your next destination — an immersive art experience bound to transport you to a mysterious world you could have never imagined. As you explore this alternate universe, you forget that when the night sky greets you again, you’ll stare back, stargazing as your senses overload with the enticing scent and irresistible flavor of New Mexican Cuisine. 

Tucked in the center of the Southwest, Santa Fe offers a romantic getaway like no other. From the groundbreaking art scene and rich history to the breathtaking natural beauty and architecture. Plan your ideal romantic vacation to Santa Fe with our local guide. We’ll cover everything from a relaxing spa treatment to an intimate meal prepared by a private chef.

Start with a Couple’s Massage Surrounded by Southwestern Flair

Couple getting a massage

Spa at La Fonda – Santa Fe Day Spa

100 E San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

The award-winning spa in the historic La Fonda Hotel combines contemporary style with traditional Southwestern charm. Each room comes equipped with vibrant decor and hand-crafted furniture that contributes to a serene environment in the spa room. Couples can choose restorative services lasting 50 or 80 minutes with aromatherapy and reflexology add-ons available. Book a couples massage at the Spa at Las Fonda and relax in the same room with your significant other.

Ten Thousand Waves Spa

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, Santa Fe 87501

Located just ten minutes from downtown Santa Fe, Ten Thousand Waves Spa is modeled after traditional Japanese hot springs resorts. Relax in a spa room with large windows that showcase the breathtaking scenery of nature in the Southwest. Bask in nature’s beauty as you and your significant other soak in the therapeutic waters of the private outdoor hot tubs. Enjoy a wide range of holistic Japanese-inspired massages, skincare routines, and body treatments.

Ojo Santa Fe – Day Soaking for Two

242 Los Pinos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Just need a quick reset after a long day of traveling and adventure? The Dos Ojos Soaking Package may be just what you need to reset. Just 20 minutes from downtown Santa Fe, Ojo Santa Fe spa is the perfect spa-day oasis, surrounded by an idyllic desert landscape. After a private soak in the thermal pool, you and your partner should be relaxed enough to fully immerse yourselves in the many botanical and nature-infused massages. The views paired with the calming atmosphere make this an ideal retreat for couples to reconnect.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure with These Romantic Santa Fe Restaurants

Couple toasting with glasses of red wine at a restaurant


221 Shelby St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Under the direction of Chef Fernando Olea, a 2022 Best Chef of the Southwest award winner, Sazón is a local restaurant renowned for its intentionally small menu with bold unique flavors. Journey through the traditional flavors of Old Mexico paired with Olea’s unique addition of global ingredients. The colorful and cozy atmosphere alongside Olea’s passion for creating tasty Mexican cuisine provides the romantic dining experience and adventure that couples are looking for in Santa Fe!


724 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Geronimo is just off Canyon Rd in a historic adobe brick building. This sophisticated restaurant provides a private dining experience ideal for couples who want to get dressed up for a romantic night in Santa Fe. Voted one of the city’s top fine dining experiences, Geronimo’s sophisticated ambiance and elegantly crafted dishes highlight the best flavors of New American cuisine. Reserve a table for your special person when you plan your romantic getaway to Santa Fe.

Consider a Private Chef to Elevate Your Santa Fe Couple’s Getaway

Private chef garnishing meal before serving

After all the sightseeing and adventure, you’ll need at least one night where you and your partner can stay inside. For bonus points in the creative dinner idea category, consider a quiet night in as you are wined and dined by a private chef. When you stay at one of our Santa Fe vacation rentals, we’ll help you arrange the perfect custom menu for two! Enjoy the comfort of our beautiful Southwestern homes as a private chef prepares traditional New Mexican cuisine for a luxurious date night experience. 

Savor the Memories with Wine & Food Tours in Santa Fe

glass of wine on table at a Santa Fe restaurant

Santa Fe Walking Wine and Tapas Tour

Couples looking for a romantic and intimate approach to discovering Santa Fe’s unique food and culture should experience the Santa Fe Walking Wine & Tapas tour. Take a stroll down cobblestone alleyways while stopping at nearby tasting rooms and acclaimed restaurants; engage in lively conversation as you sip on the bold flavors and learn about the area’s winemaking traditions. Every stop will make you and your partner feel closer to one another as you create memories entangled with the tastes and scents of the day’s adventures.

Santa Fe Wine Pairing Dinner

The Santa Fe Wine Pairing Dinner is a great way to spend a romantic evening with your significant other. As you visit Santa Fe’s most renowned restaurants, you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of delicious food and wine flavors crafted by high-end chefs as you share your appreciation for the exquisite wine pairings in prestigious settings over a candlelight flame. By the evening’s end, you and your partner will share an experience that perfectly captures the romantic essence of Santa Fe.

How to Prepare for a Romantic Couple’s Getaway in Santa Fe

As you prepare for a thoughtful romantic getaway to Santa Fe, you’ll want to ensure that you’re prepared to make the experience comfortable for you and your partner. Start by booking accommodations that exude the enchantment of the city. At Casas de Santa Fe, we make it easy to choose a luxurious Santa Fe vacation rental in the heart of the city.

Choose an adobe home with a hot tub, private pool, and comfortable southwestern furnishings and completely immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of Santa Fe. Don’t forget to add little touches to elevate the romance, too! Be sure to pack clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, arrange a bouquet, and embrace the memories you’ll make savoring every opportunity to reconnect in the enchanting air of Santa Fe.