Art Galleries

Looking to explore Santa Fe’s vibrant and diverse art scene? Check out some of the many amazing art galleries around the city to see permanent and rotating exhibitions.

Box Gallery

Location: 1611-A Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.989.4897

Charlotte Jackson

Location: 200 West Marcy Street, Suite 101
Phone: 505.989.8688


Location: 702 1/2 Canyon Road
Phone: 505.992.0711

Eight Modern

Location: 231 Delgado Street
Phone: 505.995.0231

Evo Gallery

Location: 518 Old Santa Fe Trail
Phone: 505.983.6623

Gebert Contemporary

Location: 558 Canyon Road
Phone: 505.992.1100

Gerald Peters Gallery

Location: 1011 Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.954.5700

James Kelly Contemporary

Location: 1601 Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.989.1601

LewAllen Galleries

Location: 1613 Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.988.3250

William Siegal Gallery

Location: 540 South Gudalupe Street
Phone: 505.820.3300

Klaudia Marr Gallery

Location: 229 Johnson Street, Suite C
Phone: 505.988.2100

Allan Houser Compound

Location: Galisteo, NM
Phone: 505.471.1528

Sherwoods Spirit of America

Location: 1005 Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.988.1776

Nedra Matteucci Galleries

Location: 1075 Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.982.4631

Andrea Fisher Pottery

Location: 100 West San Francisco Street
Phone: 505.986.1234

Blue Rain Gallery

Location: 130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite D
Phone: 505.954.9902

Steve Elmore Indian Art

Location: 839 Paseo de Peralta, Suite M
Phone: 505.995.9677

TAI Gallery / Textile Arts

Location: 1601 B Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.984.1387

Gabriel Gallery

Location: 6 Banana Lane
Phone: 505.455.9230

Gaugy Gallery

Location: 418 Canyon Road
Phone: 505.984.2800

Legends Santa Fe

Location: 143 Lincoln Avenue
Phone: 505.983.5639

Morning Star Gallery

Location: 513 Canyon Road
Phone: 505.982.8187

Peyton Wright Gallery

Location: 237 East Palace Avenue
Phone: 505.989.9888

Riva Yares Gallery

Location: 1222 Flagman Way
Phone: 505.984.0044

Touching Stone

Location: 539 Old Santa Fe Trail
Phone: 505.988.8072

William Shearburn Gallery

Location: 129 West San Francisco Street
Phone: 505.989.8020

Zane Bennett Gallery

Location: 435 S. Guadalupe Street
Phone: 505.982.8111


Location: 316 Paseo de Peralta
Phone: 505.982.8669

EVOKE Contemporary Gallery

Location: 550 Guadalupe Street
Phone: 505.995.9902
Toll Free: 877.995.9902

Mill Contemporary

Location: 702 1/2 Canyon Rd
Phone: 505.983.6668

Shiprock Santa Fe

Location: 53 Old Santa Fe Trail
Phone: 505.982.8478

Zaplin-Lampert Gallery

Location: 651 Canyon Road
Phone: 505.982.6100